Build A Compost Bin

May 14th 2012

We are planning our new vegetable garden. We hope to have raised beds ready for spring planting. To begin we thought we would build a compost bin. If we start with composting then we will have some good soil to add to our raised bed.

Pictured above is our handmade compost bin. All from recycled materials. Hardwood joists, corrugated iron and even some fire resistant fibro. 

So we plan to use our grass clippings and forage the neighbourhood for other goodies. A friend has offered us alpaca poo :) So we will do a layer of green prunings and lawn clippings, then a layer of brown (leaves) then a layer of poo, then something else and repeat. Each time watering it in and covering it with hession to aid the compost process. Every now and then we will turn the pile to aerate it.

Once we are happy with the quantity and progress of one bin, we will cover it up and start on the next one. Constanting creating soil for our vege garden.


It looks great. Who does the turning and how many times do you think it would need to be turned during the winter?

May 14th 2012

Hi Alanna,

Thanks for reading. The turning does two things, it gets air to the bacteria that are doing the composting and it also gets the cooler edges of the pile into the centre where the good temperatures are.

Frequency would probably be every 3-4 days at the start and maybe weekly later on. I like doing it with a fork, this is why this compost bin design is common, it concentrates the pile and makes for easier turning. 

In previous compost I have got used to reading it and getting to know how it is going. It should smell good/earthly/mushroomy and have a consistent texture.

The other caveat is not took much water, this can inhibit the good bacteria.

May 14th 2012

Looks great.

May 24th 2012