Childrens Scrapbook Of Fascination

July 3rd 2009
Our daughter is obsessed with dogs. Tiny pictures in magazines, glimpses in ads, barks from over the fence. These all result in an excited gasp and monkey sound. I now cut out any dogs and other things of interest as we come across them.
I then paste these pictures on coloured A4 paper. Grouping them together. We currently have Dogs, Cats, Horses, Fish and Other Animals.
I then slide these pages in the plastic sleave of a portfolio book from the newsagent. This means the little one can't tear the pages, it wipes clean, is durable and you can add pages as you go.
This concentrates our daughters interest, she nearly expodes with excitment when she looks through it. We can then expand on the experience with making noises, pointing out colours and other things in the pictures.


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