DIY Wooden Clothesline

March 13th 2012

On our new house block the old hills hoist was in the center of the yard. We wanted a more slimline clothesline to allow for open space for the kids. We gave the old Hills Hoist to our neighbour and made our own wooden clothesline.

I knotched a treated pine pole for the cross member to sit on. This was a sleeper I had trimed to size. We bolted these two together.

When the bobcat was leveling our driveway we got him to drill a couple of postholes for us. We dropped treated pine poles into the holes with quickset. We anchored the poles level with star pickets, like a tripod.

Finally we drilled holes for the clothesline and threaded it through, using a wire tenshioner to keep it taunt.

All up it was about $80. It was great to discuss size, height, span, number of lines. Make it yourself and you can have anything you want.


Bloody fantastic!

March 13th 2012

Must say I agree! Over the years have had a number of clothes lines exactly the same. Well done Dave, you're a champion. Love to you both

March 13th 2012

Looks great! But - kids, plural? Have I missed something? Or just future plans? LOL!

March 18th 2012

Greetings from Corralitos, CA! I'm writing because my husband and I are building our first wooden clothesline. I stumbled across your blog while searching for inspiring images. I have two questions for you:

1. What kind of wire did you use for the clothesline? I'm concerned about rust.

2. How did you tension the wires? I read about the tensioner on your blog, but what kind of tensioner? All I can see in the photo is nice, taut wires.

Thanks in advance for your advice & guidance! julie

July 13th 2012

Thanks for reading Julie,

The wire is plain clothesline wire. It is sold in coils in hardware stores for people to re-wire their clotheslines. It is wire, coated with PVC.

If you do a search for wire tensioners, you will see what we used. It has an eyelet one end and a hook the other and you can twist the body.

Hope this helps. All the best.

July 13th 2012