Flower Basket Birthday Cake

February 27th 2011

I started this birthday cake by baking some flower shaped butter biscuits on sticks. I then added some icing to decorate them as flowers.

I got a double unfilled sponge cake from the supermarket. Filled it with jam and cream and cut the top flat.

I then did a crumb layer, a thin layer of icing to begin with.

I followed this with piped basket weave. This is the first time I have done this and it got better as I went around the cake. I say just give it a go.

Next came the grass effect with a grass piping tip and some sugar flowers. I filled the centre with chocolate from a flake bar.

Finally the flower biscuits and candles were added.

It all came together so well. Very pleased.


Thats very good, I got to try that some day.

March 4th 2011

Absolutely wonderful-and quick if one is relatively ok with the icing procedure. Apart from the whole cake, the flowers would be wonderful as a special treat surprise. Wonderful!

August 21st 2011