Homemade Cat's Scratching Post

January 18th 2011

This was another case of seeing what these cats scratching posts retail for and thinking "I can make that".

I first cut out two squares for the base and top and rounded off the edges. This is ply I had left over from other projects. The covering is an old door mat. I cut the mat in the shapes to cover the ply and then nailed it on. The two bits of ply were then screwed to the 2*2 block of wood (also leftovers). 

I then wrapped some cheap rope around the pole and drilled a hole through the top to tie off a rattle ball. 

The scratching post has been a great success. The cat takes it out on the ball, the rope, or just sits on top of it. Sometimes you will hear the bell getting knocked inadvertently as the cat tears into the post, very amusing.

So we got a very cheap, cats scratching post, that works just as well as the "bought ones".