Kid's Shopping List

February 2nd 2011

The idea here is to make up a shopping list for your child when you go shopping.

The benefits we have found are:

  • Engages the child in the process, rather than just dragging them along.

  • Preparing the shopping list is good for fine motor skills.

  • Gives them something to do over the time it takes to go shopping. Avoiding boredom and tantrums.

  • Helps their pattern matching skills.

  • Helps them understand chores and contributing to the family.

In this photo our daughter is cutting out pictures of products for her shopping list. 

Here is a finished list. We select an item from every couple of aisles. 

Think about the items too, watching our daughter pick up and bring the bolognese sauce to the trolley was a bit stressful. :)

It helps her self esteem too to know she helped. 


Wow, I would be just as scared when I saw her walking towards me with the EGGS!

February 2nd 2011

this is an awesome idea. she is very capable of this task.

grandma {c}
February 8th 2011