Replacing A Bearer

November 15th 2012

While restumping our house we came across this at the end of a bearer. This is common with older timber foundations. The weather has got in and dry rott has flaked the bearer away. So there is no decent purchase for our new posts to screw into. Time to try replacing a bearer..

This is the full view of it. You can see my temporary stacks supporting the bearer as I remove the old piers.

This is a picture with the old bearer removed. You may be able to see the bottle jacks under the joists. These lifted the floor and wall. Once they were off the bearer I then knocked the bearer down and away from the joists and studs. They were nailed in. 

New cypress post cut to size and slotted in. It felt good to slide it in and lower the studs and joists onto it.

Now to get some new posts under it.


Wow.... I am so impressed with you all and the incredible work you've done. How do you know where to start with such things?

November 15th 2012

Thanks Alanna, I am just curious. I talk to people and trawl the Internet for info. Talking to local tool and timber men. Work out a plan, have a go. :)

November 15th 2012

Nice one, i am just about to undertake a very very similar mini-project...

April 2nd 2014

Hi Mate, I am doing almost exactly the same thing. I dont quiet understand how your wall studs were lifted, it looks as if they are just suspended in the photo. Mine is the same (wall studs sitting directly onto perimeter bearer) and im not sure how to lift/support them... Cheers, Adam

August 11th 2015

Thanks for the reply, I was going to put a beam alongside the wall frame and attach it to have something to lift. So im glad you replied, you just saved me a few hours and dollars!

August 12th 2015

Hi Adam, I did not provide any support for the wall studs. They were connected to the rest of the house - top plate, external and internal lining, etc. I just used the bottle jacks to lift the floor joists and the rest looked after itself. Cheers.

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August 12th 2015