Restore Childrens Bike

August 3rd 2009
We got this bike from our local tip. It was in poor condition, brakes broken, chain and body work rusted. It did have some redeeming qualities.
First step was to take it all apart. We discarded the brakes as they were rusted and not functioning. We rubbed the rust off the frame with a steel brush and then finished it with a fine sandpaper. We soaked the wheels in diluted bleach. We cleaned and soaked nuts, bolts, washers and the chain in oil. We then spot painted the frame with kill rust.
I then hung various parks of the frame on the clothesline and painted it with a spray can. Fluorescent orange. We chose orange because it is not pink, she will love pink soon enough. The chain didn't have a master link and I had no chain tool, so we bagged it and masking taped it. The paint dribbled due to the nossle shape and my application. Maybe take more time.
The final product. I added a new braking system, this bike did not have a back pedal brake, so it needed calipers, but being new they work very well. I had to cut the cable to fit. We might do something about the seat. The bike runs smoothly and will easily see our daughter through this initial biking phase.


An old children's bike has been hanging (literally) off a railing in my condo complex for over a year and I'm pretty sure the owners either do not live here anymore. I would like to restore it for my niece. It's in slightly better condition than the one pictured above. Looking on other websites I read I would need special tools so I was curious if the tools you used are regular tool-box tools or specialty bicycle tools. Also I would like to know where you were able to order new brakes and what kind of oil you soaked all the nuts and bolts in to clean/remove rust. Please get back to me if possible. Your bike looks great!!

October 27th 2011

Hi Amy, Thanks for your comment. I hope you enjoy your project. I used no speciality tools. If the chain had had a master link we could have undid it and removed it from the frame, but it didnt so we didnt need that tool. The oil was just motor oil, I just thought it would make it easier to get back together. Other suggestions online have been white vinegar, coca cola, degreaser etc to clean up old nuts. Cheers.

October 27th 2011