Seed Germinator 2

July 11th 2008
We had priced commercial seeds germinators and hot houses and thought we could make our own. We had experimented with the concept here - Seed Germination and were wanting to expand it. We had a sheet of 25 ml mesh left over from the rabbit cages. To start with we bent some sides the width of our seeds trays.
Next we added some shelves. These were made from old timber we had and some more mesh. We cut the timber to length and held them in place. We nailed into the shelves and then bent the nail to hold the shelf on the vertical mesh.
Next we covered the top of the mesh with old cardboard. This will protect the plastic cover from the mesh. We also covered in the bottom with old laminate mdf, this should provide better insulation for the seedlings.
The whole frame will act as a heat chimney. Put it in sunlight and the top shelf will store the most heat and be perfect for germination. If the temperature does not quite get there we can raise it with the device above. It is an old hose, with a funnel to put hot water in at one end and a tap at the other end to drain it. this will heat the structure when the sun isn't up to it.
Next we sealed it with a plastic cover. This is from a cheap roll of builders plastic. We wrapped the frame like a present with packing tape. We have since cut it and added velcro strips to get in easier. So, the idea is to put trays of seed on the top hottest shelf, once they have germinated move them down a shelf. They will still be protected and at a good temperature. Bring on spring. The family eats well this year!