Vegetable Garden 2 - Bird Netting And Shade Cloth

April 27th 2008

I wanted a structure to support bird netting and shade cloth. I needed to deter the birds that ate my bean leaves and the white moths that ate my broccoli. I put two 12 foot steel posts in and bolted 4*2s to the fence posts. I then drilled holes in them for strainer wire. I put screws in along the fence to hook the netting to. To join the netting I used cable ties. I can lift up the netting to get in. I have noticed moths hovering around it. Bees can get in and out fine. Next I would like to put some form of shade cloth over part of it for the intense summer sun. For now it is very nice to get inside my garden enclosure. It is alongside my chook pen too so I can throw them veges and weeds. I picked my last tomatoes today, they are ripening on the veranda. My winter crop is set and growing. Broccoli, capsicum, beans, garlic, onion, lettuce and spinach.

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Hi this is great i am doing the same thing but I cannot find hemp or cotton shade cloth. What is your shade cloth made from? It looks nice not too dense. I need to avoid plastic Cheers Mary

March 1st 2014

Hi Mary, it is actually bird netting. Stops birds and moths but lets bees in.

March 2nd 2014