Vegetable Garden 3 - Raised Beds

June 21st 2008
This is the first raised bed assembled. We cut our corrugated iron about one foot wide. We then cut four 4*2 posts the same height. Bolting the iron to these posts we created a frame.
We repeated the process four times. I shoveled the beds up and dragged the frames in to sit over the mounds. The frames are flexible enough to follow the contour of the land.
Finally I collected horse manure from the local showground. I then took our compost that has been decomposing since last November and built up two beds. The new compost will be ready for the other two beds come spring. This garden is going to pump out some veges.


Wow David!!! Your photos are incredible! I can only imagine what you will achieve here in Inverell!! You say that you had problems with bower birds with the garden in your pics, originally coming from Bellingen, I know exactly what you mean. I am hoping I don't have those problems here, but then again, I know I am completely surround by rabbits here in Tingha! Should be very interesting to see your progress here in Inverell.

April 10th 2012